It is quite difficult for a young engineer to describe himself like those fancy writers. It is even more difficult to make some funny catchy phrases!

All the attempts I made to describe myself were like a Resume description. So I am here, struggling on how to tell you that I work as a mechanical engineer in Norway. Maybe this is the results of living in the cold Scandinavian environment. But is not only Norway’s fault. I also I lived in Sweden. There, it was pretty cold also. That is why I like from time to time to go back to my hometown in Turin (Italy) and get some nice weather or good mama-food.


You may like to know that I studied nuclear engineering in Italy and mechanical engineering in both Sweden and Norway. I then started working as an engineer in the far North, with customers in China and Singapore, mainly shipyards.

Just a normal day at the Norwegian office

I define myself as a creative person. People close to me know that since I was a little wannabe engineer, I am inventing all sort of stuff. This characteristic brought me today to work with innovative projects and to have some patents “frying in the pan”. On the other hand, I spend hours watching weird engineering videos, magazines and blogs.

I love the term “abroad”. Abroad for me means innovation, other points of view, sharing, stories, inspiration. It could work as an opposite of stagnation. I never regretted any of the money I spent living or travelling to other countries. However… I was ironically frightened of flying. Every flight for me was a torture. Then, as my new “European lifestyle” imposed, I needed to take at least 4 or 5 planes per month: family, love, friends, work. A plane was always between me and each of these basic human needs. So the fear became fun, and the fun became love. Now I have an irrational passion for everything about flying, planes and airports. For me, they are the highest form of engineering and poetry. And well… poetry is also the free food in the lounges.

Bottom line: this “wanderer” spirit brought me to create a space with all the people and experiences that inspires me or I simply enjoy. I hope you can get from them as much as I received.

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Quick facts: I studied HERE, HERE and HERE. I work HERE with THIS and I play THIS.

Norway being beautiful as always.